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Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation?

Section A 2d

Rick:Hi,Helen.Long time no see.

Helen:Hi,Rick.Yes,I was on vacation last month. Rick:Oh,did you go anywhere interesting? Helen:Yes,I went to Guizhou with my family. Rick:Wow!Did you see Huangguoshu Waterfall?

Helen:Yes,I did.It was wonderful!?Did you do anything special last month?

Rick:Not really. Section B 2b

Did Jane have a good time on Monday?What about on Tuesday? Monday,July 15th

I arrived in Penang in Malaysia this morning with my family.!For lunch,we had something very special-Malaysian yellow noodles.They were delicious!In the afternoon,we rode bicycles to Georgetown.ld Quay,a really old place in Georgetown,we saw the houses of the Chinese traders from 100 years ago.Tuesday,July 16th

to go to Penang Hill today.We wanted to walk up to

the top,but then it started raining a little so we decided to take the train.,it was raining really hard.We didn't have an umbrella so we were wet and cold.It was terrible!!But it tasted great!,

Unit 2 How often do you exercise?

Section A 2d

Jack:Hi,Claire,are you free next week?

Claire:Jack:Really?How come?

Claire:I have dance and piano lessons. Jack:What kind of dance are you learning?

Claire:Oh,swing dance.It's fun!I have class once a week,every Monday. Jack:How often do you have piano lessons? Claire:Twice a week,on Wednesday and Friday. Jack:Well,how about Tuesday?

Claire:Oh,I have to play tennis with my friends.But do you want to come? Jack:Sure!,

Section B 2b

What Do No.5 High School Students Do in Their Free Time?

Last month we asked our students about their free time activities.Our questions were about exercise,use of the Internet and watching TV.Here are the results.

We found that only fifteen percent of our students exercise every day.Fortyfive percent exercise four to six times a week.Twenty percent exercise only one to three times a week.And twenty percent do not exercise at all!

We all know that many students often go online,but we were surprised that ninety percent of them use the Internet every day.The other ten percent use it at least three or four times a week.Most students use it for fun and not for homework.

The answers to our questions about watching television were also interesting.Only two percent of the students watch TV one to three times a week.Thirteen percent watch TV four to six times a week.And eightyfive percent watch TV every day!②

before it's too late!,

Unit 3 I'm more outgoing than my sister.

Section A 2d

Julie:Did you like the singing competition yesterday,Anna? Anna:Oh,it was fantastic!Nelly sang so well! Julie:Yes,but I think Lisa sang better than Nelly. Anna:Oh,which one is Lisa?

Julie:The one with shorter hair.①Anna:Yes,but Nelly danced better than Lisa.

Julie:②Anna:Well,everyone wants to win.But the most important thing is to learn something and have fun.,

Section B 2b

Jeff Green

My mother told me a good friend is like a mirror.I'm quieter and more serious than most kids.That's why I like reading books and studying harder in class.My best friend Yuan Li is quiet too,so we enjoy studying together.I'm shy so it's not easy for me to make friends.Huang Lei

It's not necessary to be the same.My best friend Larry is quite different from me.He is taller and more outgoing than me.We both like sports,but he plays tennis better,so he always wins.often says,③“My best friend helps to bring out the best in me.” However,Larry is much less hard-working,so I always get better grades.Mary Smith

I don't really care if my friends are the same as me or different.My favorite saying islisten.,

Unit 4 What's the best movie theater?

Section A 2d

Greg:Hi,I'm Greg.I'm new in town.

Helen:Hi,I'm Helen.Welcome to the neighborhood!How do you like it so far? Greg:It's fantastic,but I still don't really know my way around.

Helen:Well,the best supermarket is on Center Street.You can buy the freshest food there. Greg:Oh,great.Is there a cinema around here?I love watching movies.

Helen:Yes,Sun Cinema is the newest one.You can sit the most comfortably because they have the biggest seats.

Greg:Thanks for telling me. Helen:① Section B Who's Got Talent?

Everyone is good at something,but some people are truly talented.It's always interesting to watch other people show their talents.Talent shows are getting more and more popular.First,there were shows like American Idol and America's Got Talent.Now,there are similar shows around the world,such as China's Got Talent.

,the most talented dancers,

the most exciting magicians,the funniest actors and so on.All kinds of people join these shows.But who can play the piano the best or sing the most beautifully?②③However,not everybody enjoys watching these shows.④⑤⑥⑦

Unit 5 Do you want to watch a game show?

Section A 2d

Grace:What did you do in class today,Sarah?

Sarah:We had a discussion about TV shows.My classmates like game shows and sports shows. Grace:①②Sarah:Well,I don't mind soap operas.But my favorite TV shows are the news and talk shows. Grace:They're boring!

Sarah:③reporter one day.,

Section B 2b

When people say “culture”,we think of art and history.①—Mickey Mouse.②Over 80 years ago,he first appeared in the cartoon Steamboat Willie.③④,he made 87 cartoons with Mickey.

Some people might ask how this cartoon animal became so popular.One of the main reasons is that Mickey was like a common man,but he always tried to face any danger.⑤⑥went to the cinema to see the “little man” win.Most of them wanted to be like Mickey.

On November 18,1978,Mickey became the first cartoon character to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.People today expect to see more than just a little mouse fighting bad guys,but many still know who he is.Who has a pair of ears more famous than Mickey's?,



Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation ?

Sectoin B 2b


1. 今天早上我和家人抵达马来西亚槟城。2.天气晴朗炎热,于是我们决定去宾馆附的海滩。3.我和姐姐尝试了滑翔伞运动,我感觉自己就像一只鸟。这太令人兴奋了!4.午饭我们吃了非常特殊的东西——马来黄面,可真是好吃呀!5.下午,我们骑自行车去了乔治市。6.如今那里有许多新的建筑,但是许多老房子依然还在。7.在乔治市的一处古老的地方——海墘街,我们看到了一百年前中国商人们的房子。8.我在想这里过去的生活是什么样子呢。漫步在乔治市真是很享受。




Unit 2 How often do you exercise?









Unit 3 I’m more outgoing than my sister.




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